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OTM Barn

Oxfordshire, UK. 2020 - Present

This existing barn conversion in a sleepy village in Oxfordshire was being out grown by the clients. Studio Hallett Ike was approached to sensitively extend and refurbish the house.

Budget was a key concern of the clients, so initially, Studio Hallett Ike designed three different schemes, ranging in estimated costs with the involvement of a Quantity Surveyor. This enabled the clients to identify their most desirable areas and considerations.

By creating a new, contemporary kitchen and dining area, space was freed up within the existing barn to allow for an additional bedroom, office and bathroom. The proposed new kitchen overlooks the garden, also considered and redesigned by Studio Hallett Ike, with large glass doors to be opened in the warmer months to create a strong inside/outside living feel.

Current stage: Planning

Images: Studio Hallett Ike


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