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GF Residence

London, UK. 2018 - present

This barn conversion in Northamptonshire required a re-think to the existing garage and back of house spaces. This area had never been used for their intended purpose, and instead the clients saw an opportunity in converting it into accommodation for visiting family and friends.

Studio Hallett Ike readdressed the layout to create two additional bedrooms with dressing rooms, and a generous bathroom, within a previously tight collection of awkward spaces. The design takes the warm and rich colour palette from the surrounding Northamptonshire Ironstone, and applies this internally. The frameless window openings allow natural light to flood into  previously dark areas, framing specific views of the surrounding landscape.

In contrast to the existing traditional style barn conversion, these spaces exhibit a calm and assured aesthetic through the use of clean lines and minimalist detailing.

Current stage: Pre Planning

Images: Studio Hallett Ike


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